How to choose a perfect domain name for your business ?

Before starting with choosing the right domain for business it is important to learn “what is the domain name ?”

So let’s begin

What is Domain Name??

Domain Name is simply defined as the name of your website or link of your website by which people can reach to your business website directly. Some example of domain names are google.com, facebook.com, flipkart.com and my website domain name is manojjoshi.tech.

But when it comes to the business domain name is not a name because it becomes an identity of your blog, website or business. so Choosing the right domain becomes most important before launching the website. a domain name which is easy to remember, short, defines your brand, easy to rank on google. Here I am going to tell you the most important things to consider while choosing a domain name for bog or website or business.

What to keep in mind to choose a perfect domain name for your business?

  1. Shorter is better

    the domain name should be short which can easy remembered or a user can write it easy when they search online. sometimes having a long domain name irritate people when they use to type. Many times people got spelling mistakes when they type a long domain name. So choosing a short domain name is the correct choice if it is available.

  2. Name that belongs to your brand

    the name you choose should be related to your brand suppose you are a web designer then you can select bestwebsitedesigner.com, webexpert.com etc. but having a domain name opposite to your business will make confuse your audience.

  3. Easy to remember

    The domain name should be easy to remember so that people don’t require to put extra efforts to remember your brand. The domain name should be to the point and catchy.

  4. Use Keywords in domain name

    If it is possible then use keywords in domain name. By using keywords in the domain name the search engine ranking will be improved by doing little marketing.

  5. Check for copyright and trademark

    it is very painful when you got trapped in unnecessary trouble just because you have not paid attention to the possibilities. So before buying a domain name make it sure the domain name is not trademarked or copyrighted.

  6. Don’t use numbers or hyphen in the domain name

    the domain name should be very easy to remember or type adding hyphen or numbers in the domain name can make it complex to memorise and type. Even search engines don’t like such domain names so your search engine ranking will also be affected.

  7. Use the right extension

    domains name can have many extensions some of are .in, .co.in, .com, .edu, .us etc. so choose correct domain extension if your business is only country-specific then you will get benefits of getting country specific domain like .co.in or .in . if you are having a tech blog then yourbusiness.tech will be better for you.

here I taught you seven mantras for selecting a right domain name so be careful now before choosing a domain name because it takes only a few minutes for making a mistake but takes a long time to make it correct.

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3 thoughts on “How to choose a perfect domain name for your business ?”

  1. Hey Manoj i gone through 80% of your blog. Good info you provided there and this might be the first blog i ever read so much but there were few spelling mistakes its ok anyways.

    Thanks for the knowledge

  2. Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name — it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the web; you want to make sure you choose a domain name that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find and promote.


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