Before telling about website designing, it is necessary for me to get to know that “Are you aware of the website or not??”.

Website: An Introduction

let’s begin with the basic definition of website, Website is an online platform where people can get all the necessary knowledge

about your company, your products, your services, about your location etc. For a businessman, the website is an online catalogue of his product or services which is 24 by 7 available on the internet. As you know “The first impression is the last impression”, when people visit your website then it becomes very important to convert him as a buyer to improve your business sales.

As I already explained about “What is a Website?” and “How a website is important for your business?”. If both things are clear to you then you can easily understand what is necessary when we design a fresh website for any business.

Important Things Which should be kept in mind before designing a website.

  1. Design of website: Design of a website plays a very important role because it is the first thing which attracts customers. so when you are going to design a website, you should take care of the design, layout, colour, presentation etc.
  2. Responsiveness: Website Should be responsive, It means the website should load easily on every device like mobile, tablet, laptop etc. A responsive website automatically gets adjusted according to the device on which you are opening it. so that customer can easily use your website and read everything easily.
  3. Navigation: A website should have easy navigation. Customer should not have any problem when he is going from one page to another. Everything should be presented according to flow.
  4. Use of Images and Videos: A good website always use images and videos to explain things more clearly. Sometimes people don’t have time to read everything and they leave the website. by using images and videos on a website you make it easy for the user to get a clear idea about the content you have written on the website.


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