Top Ways to Make Money Online

Top ways to Make Money Online Professionals Use to Earn Millions 

The Internet has changed the world, the way people think, the way people live, the way people celebrate and most importantly the way people make money online.  I never imagined it would happen this much fast. Most of the searches on the internet are regarding “How to make money online in India”. This is true people are earning millions through the internet in India which is inspiring many more people to find the ways to earn money online in India

The way the internet has grown has created lots of online job opportunities in India. In this Covid-19 Situation too people are working from home and getting their salaries in their bank account. This could possibly happen due to the growth of the Internet and different social networking websites. These websites are helping people to connect with each other to do business online, to provide services online, to provide value in other life and more. 

Today we are going to discuss the various genuine ways to earn money online. Let’s discuss all the ideas of earning money online one by one.


If you love to share knowledge and have passion about anything then there is a huge chance of making money online through blogging. A blog is like a website but the only difference is on a blog you share articles on various topics in a specific category on a regular basis. Suppose you have a good knowledge of electronics gadgets and you can write about them then you can start a blog and share your knowledge on a regular basis which will help you to make money online.

If you are wondering how to start a Blog then I have written a Step by Step Guide to Start a Blog you can go through this and start your blogging gurney.

If you get a good amount of traffic on your blog then you can apply for Adsense which is a google program by which you can earn money online by displaying ads on your blog.

There are several options to earn money online by blogging in India like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, guest post etc. 


If you have any skill like graphic designing, website designing, programming, Video Editing, Content Writing then you can become a Freelancer to Make money online in India.

To become a Freelancer you need to create your profile on websites like Freelancer.com and choose your skills in a particular niche. 

To earn money from freelancing you need to create a professional profile where you can show all your skills level, your per hour or project base price, Project portfolio and the reviews of the clients.

If you are new to freelancing then its little difficult to get clients immediately you need to have some patience along with that you should connect with people on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram to approach them for the projects. 

You can also connect with other freelancers who are already working in the same field. They can share their experience as well as can help you to get some clients. 

Initially You don’t need to think about the money. If you are a new freelancer you have to focus on getting a few clients first and after providing good service ask them to put a positive review on your profile on freelancer.com. It will help you to attract new clients to take services from you and you will successfully get earn money online through freelancing. 

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