Step By Step Digital Marketing Guide – Complete Details

I am just surprised that only in a few months the whole world has understood the power of the Internet. Most of the businesses that adopted the use of Internet Marketing in their business benefited in this year 2020. While most of the companies were worried about the sales and business, some companies were making so much money.

The question is, how ?? What unique did they do to sustain in this downtime? How did they make massive money while everyone was struggling to save their business?

The Answer is Digital Marketing. Let’s understand Everything about Digital Marketing. Today, you will get a complete Digital Marketing Guide, which will help you understand the simple and complex concepts of Digital Marketing.

Everything About Digital Marketing including What, Who, Why, and How?

Table of Content
What is Digital Marketing?
Why Digital Marketing?
Types of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing for Business
Top Benefits of Digital Marketing for any company or startup
Budget Required for Digital Marketing?
Essential Requirement to start Digital marketing
How to Monitor ROI?
I like the concept of Digital Marketing, Where to start Digital Marketing for my business?

Introduction to Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way to advertise using the Internet and Digital Media. All the Digital marketing channels consist of Social Media, Search Engines, Email, Web applications or websites, and any newly invented channel. It depends on your Requirement that what do you want to advertise. It could be a product, service, any event, course, brand, company, person, etc.

Why Digital Marketing?

You will agree to it that we should market our business there where the customers are available. We all know that almost every person who has the buying capability is spending his time on the Internet or digital platforms. If we have the opportunity to show our product and service right in front of them by just running a small ad, you will agree that we should leverage that opportunity.

Top Reasons why you should choose Digital Marketing

  • Maximum people are searching for products and services online
  • People want to know about you and your brand before purchasing anything
  • Most Probably Your competitor is already Promoting his business, and maybe you are losing this opportunity
  • You can target a broader audience with a lower budget
  • Digital Marketing helps in the brand building using social media platforms
  • You can monitor your advertisement campaign round the clock, and you can track your ROI.

We can simply say that using Digital Marketing. There are endless opportunities for you to promote your business or services by choosing your favorite platform by using images, blogs, videos, Email, website, and more.

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Different Types of Digital Marketing

There are many types of Digital Marketing. You can choose anyone to advertise your business online. Eventually, you can go for other types one by one or all together as per your business’s Requirements or nature.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Do you know how Search Engines like google, yahoo, Bing, etc.? Works? Whenever anybody searches on these significant search engines, they provide some unique results on their search engine results. There could be thousands or millions of websites on the Internet, but only a few of them come on the search engine result page. Search engines crawl every site on the Internet and fetch the vital information from the website. They store this information into their database, which helps their algorithm to showcase the best results when someone searches anything on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique by which we can optimize any website as per the search engine guidelines so that it could come on Top Organic search result Pages. In other words, We can say that search engine optimization is the way to improve the organic search engine ranking of any website by doing some on-page, off-page changes.

There are different ways to implement SEO. Different Types of SEO used to optimize the website to create the opportunity to rank on the top page of major search engines like google. Every Search Engine has its algorithms to decide the ranking of the website, but they all have a common goal to provide the best experience to its users.


On Page SEO

On Page SEO consist of all the activities to optimize the content of the web page and to make it user and SEO friendly. After researching the highly searchable keyword or questions, we write content to answer those queries. But this is On page SEO, which helps Search Engines to Identify that content and its Quality based on Search Engines’s Algorithm. In on page SEO, we focus on meta tags, image tags, Headings, content quality, and structure of content on each page of the website. Because all the optimization work is won the page of thee do on the site itself, that is why we call it On Page SEO.

Off Page SEO

All the activities being done off the web page to optimize the website to get better organic traffic called off page SEO. You may be wondering,” How does the work we do out of the website affect the ranking of my website ?”. The Answer is Yes. As in the offline world, if some recommend us or give any reference, it adds some authority and trust, which increases our brand value. The same applies to online scenarios where these types of recommendations are provided by linking to the website. These links are called Backlinks, and these Backlinks play a critical role in deciding the website’s ranking for your favorite keyword on any search engine.

Local SEO

If you have a real business and you used to serve people face to face at your center or visit nearby clients’ homes. Here Local SEO comes in the picture, and Local SEO is focusing on local search visibility and getting organic local traffic. It includes claiming a business listing on various local business directories, Google My Business, Bing Map, and more. In local SEO, we mostly focus on Location-based keywords so that we can get the traffic from the searches made based on location. Local SEO is boon for all the people who have shops, clinics, stores, restaurants, etc.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a critical part of the website. It consists of all the technical factors like Cache, SSL, Image Compression, CSS and JavaScript Minifying, HTML code minifying, etc. The primary purpose of technical SEO is to increase the security of the website and Decreasing the Website loading time, which is the most crucial factor to rank the website on search engines like google.

There are too many SEO tools in the market. Still, SEMrush is a highly recommended SEO tool that helps to analyze all the SEO report for a website and also helps you to spy your competitor strategy. SEMrush is a perfect tool for on page and off page SEO.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the type of Digital Marketing in which we leverage social media to promote our business. Every Social media platform has different organic and paid features used to advertise a business online. Social media platforms have millions of users and have the facility to target your customized audience to promote your products or services by using social media ads.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms used to advertise a business.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

It is challenging to manage all the platforms at once and post content, but many social media management tools are available to overcome this problem. Social Piolet, one of the social media marketing tool, which makes, is it easy to manage multiple social media account and unlimited Post Scheduling from a single dashboard.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is another example of Digital Marketing in which we create and promote content to improve brand awareness, website traffic, business Leads, and customer portfolio. Content is King, So you need to use it wisely. There are various channels to implement a content marketing strategy for a brand which includes:


Blog Articles

You can post an article on your blog to spread awareness about your business, Industry Updates, Latest News, and Offers. You can also create blog posts about how to use your products and for product reviews—this a powerful marketing technique by which you can outrank your competitors on search engines like google. Blogs provide you with an excellent opportunity to get organic traffic for your website and creating authority.

You can easily create a blog by using SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

Creating Videos

Videos are now an essential part of digital marketing doesn’t matter on which platform you are active on, if you talk about content marketing videos are on the top.

Why are Videos relevant in Digital marketing or Online Promotional?

The Answer is because videos can have visuals, motion, and audio, and these things lead a viewer to create some interest. It is effortless to describe complicated things using videos by adding some emotion, story, and logic. That is why new video platforms are coming in picture day by day, and people are just moving toward the short videos.

You can wonder, like what type of videos you should produce as a business?

It depends on the nature of your business. You can create the videos which can help the viewer to connect with your business.

If You have a question like Which Video Editing Software is useful? Do we always need to create some promotional videos, or can we create so introductory or tutorial videos?

Wondershare has a great Video Editor which has every professional feature and very simple to use. This video editor is the best fit for the beginners and professionals both. Check out Fillmore 9 Video Editor.


E-Books are a powerful tool to publish your content professionally by covering some important topics. People can easily download them on their devices to read. You can use E-books as a lead magnet in Digital marketing Where we can ask your audience to fill your Name and Email Id to Download.


Using Infographics, you can show your content visually using pictures. These are the pictures that can have a flow chart, cartoon, or any other type of graphics. It makes it more comfortable for people to understand whatever you want to say using your text content without reading the whole text.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing is a straightforward method to earn money by promoting other’s products. In Affiliate marketing, you generate content on the blog, Video channels, and Social media to advertise others’ products and share your affiliate link with that piece of content. When someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you get the commission.

What is Pay per click (PPC) ?

PPC in Digital Marketing is one of the fastest methods of driving traffic to your website. In Pay Per click, you have to pay to the publisher or advertiser based on every click you get on your ad. The most popular and old Example of PCC Advertisement in Digital Marketing is Google Adword, which is now known as Google Ads. Due to the popularity of Pay Per Click ads, some other social platforms adopted the concept of PPC Ads, The most popular PPC ads platforms are:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linked Sponsored Messages
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Amazon Ads

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the oldest form of Digital Marketing but still works. In Email Marketing, You send Emails to communicate with your audience, which can be subscribers, Clients, and Leads. Emails help in many ways, you can send Discounts coupons or offers, Updates related to your business, You can promote your content, and New Product launch.

There are various types of Email you can send to generate sales or to drive traffic on Your website or social media channel.

  • New Offer or Discount
  • Follow up Emails to New Leads
  • Welcome Mail to New Customers
  • Asking for Feedback Mails
  • Tips on How to use your products
  • Industry News and Updates which are beneficial for your customer and related to your industry.

Sponsored content is another type of digital marketing method of getting attraction on the Digital Marketing platform in your desired niche. In Influencer Marketing, You approach some social media fame, Famous Blogs, or YouTube channels, which are continuously creating content and having a huge fan. You pay some amount to them, and they publish your desired content on their blog or channel. This method helps you to grow your audience, and people start knowing you and your brand immediately.

Online PR

Online PR is similar to offline PR. The only difference is we do it using digital platforms. In this, you hire some online PR Agencies who publish online coverage about your brand on the blogs and websites of famous publishers. It contains many activities like being covered by New Channels, Creating reputation by increasing the quality reviews on different review channels. Check out what people are talking about the brand and removing negative reviews and comments.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Business ??

See, We already discussed earlier that We should advertise our business there where the audience is spending time. Nowadays, every next person is using social media and other online platforms. So with Digital Marketing, you can reach a broad audience in a smaller budget.

The question is, Why Businesses Use Digital Marketing over Offline?

Top Benefits of Digital Marketing for any company or startup

So here is some top reason to use digital marketing for advertising business:

  • You can Start With Small Budget
  • You can monitor your ads insights
  • You can change your ad anytime
  • you can target your ad’s audience as per the age, sex, location, and more.
  • You can Calculate the ROI
  • You get brand awareness
  • People connect with on different Social media Channels
  • You can retarget people who already seen your ads or visited your website.

Budget Required for Digital Marketing?

The Internet is an ocean that is so large so deep, and several hidden possibilities are available for entrepreneurs. Millions of people are available on the Internet to whom you can reach, but it depends on how much you are ready to spend. If you are deciding to spend less, then you will reach fewer people. If you pay more, you reach more people. So there is no Budget decided for Digital Marketing. You can choose your budget.

You have to choose your own Digital Marketing strategy as if you are looking for an inbound digital marketing strategy or outbound Digital Marketing Strategy.

If you start with an Inbound Digital Marketing strategy like the Blog Post, Social Media Content Creation, SEO, Infographics, E-Books, there is no budget required. The only thing which is needed is the time to create and spread the content. If you outsource the Digital Marketing Work, then obviously you will have to spend some money as per the Digital Marketing Agency’s Plans.

If you are more interested in Outbound Digital Marketing Strategy, for example, Paid ads or Online Advertisement, You will have to decide your budget, which you want to spend on PPC or Display Ads.

What are the Basic Requirements to Start Digital Marketing?

See As we already said, Digital Marketing means Advertising something online. So the essential Requirement to start digital marketing is to have some idea, product, service, or brand to advertise. It does not mean you need your idea, product, service, a brand. You can promote others too. But before Starting Digital marketing, you need to behave a clear mind map of the following :

  • What is your product or service is all about?
  • What goal Do you want to achieve using digital marketing?
  • Who will be your audience?
  • How much monthly budget are you going to invest in digital marketing?
  • Where is your targeted audience? Choose the Right Platform?
  • Do you understand the need of the audience ??

Once you are are ready, choose the perfect Digital Marketing Strategy, and you are good to go.

How to Monitor ROI?

All the Digital Platforms provide their dashboards where you can see all the details like How many pieces of content you have created, Reach, Engagement. When you run ads, you get all the details in the ads dashboard, like total impressions, Clicks, Lead Generated, Purchased made, etc. based on the type of ads you run and the events you are tracking.

Unlike the offline Advertisement, in Digital Marketing, you get every detail related to your online advertising campaign. Based on those details, you can calculate ROI. ROI can be measured differently for different people depending on his decided goal. For some people, visibility is more important, for some leads and some people traffic.

Where to start Digital Marketing for my business?

If you have not started digital marketing for your business and want to implement it, you can choose any of the Digital marketing strategies mentioned above.

If you are already doing Digital Marketing, you are not reaching the right audience or struggling to achieve it. You need to twist your digital marketing strategy by finding some unique ideas. If you want to increase your ROI and want to get the maximum benefit out of the budget, you are investing in your digital marketing campaign, then hire a digital marketing expert or digital marketing agency.


Digital Marketing is the most critical part of the business in 2020 and there are various methods to implement digital marketing in business. Using our Digital Marketing Guide you can easily understand everything about digital marketing.

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