How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog in 2021 from scratch ?

Blogging as a career is a good choice if you love to write. Everyone wants to start a blog but very few of them know that blogging is not going to work for them if you are really not going to work for blogging. Blog is the most popular way to earn money online. 

I know you are searching for the tips and tricks to start a profitable blog in 2021 but before knowing How to start a profitable blog you need to know what a blog is exactly?

A blog is a kind of website which posts content on a regular basis. Yes you got it right you need to write and post articles on a regular basis to make your blog successful. I already told you that your blog is the best way to make money online. 

Creating a professional blog not a one night job. You need to make a strategy to promote your blog. You need to make a strategy to research good content for your blog which is being searched by people on google. You need to find easy to rank keywords for your blog and most importantly You need to find a profitable niche for blog. 

How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2021- Step by Step Guide

Your blog can be a big source of passive income for you and you can see your blog as a money making machine. This level of success in blogging can be achieved by following a proper blogging strategy which works in 2021 and later. Blogging is the most popular career option being chosen by students, coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Content Writers  as a source of part time income. While many people who got to know all the secrets of blogging have chosen blogging as their full time Job.

Step -1 : Choose a profitable and lifelong niche for new blog

Whenever I tell people to choose a specific niche for blogging, they ask me how to find a low competitive niche which can help them to generate huge income in blogging. I have made it simple for them, I tell them to follow the below step by step process to find a niche for a new blog. 

  • Research : Do a deep research to find a perfect niche, Search on google like which topic is most popular on search engines. 
  • Make a list of 10-15 categories which are most relevant to your interest and also have high volume of searches.
  • Find a sub Niche / Micro niche : For Example I Writes blog on Digital marketing which is a huge niche but there could be many micro niche ideas for Digital Marketing. Like SEO, On Page SEO, Facebook Ad, Affiliate Marketing, Digital marketing for Small Businesses and Many More . You have to create a list of 10-15 Micro niches which have high Search Volume.
  • Know Your Competition: Before Selecting the perfect Niche for your blog you need to know who are the big players in your niche and which type of content they are writing.
  • If you find a topic which has huge search volume and low competition and also has a High possibility of monetizing your blog just go for it.

Step 2: Choosing A Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

A domain name is an identity of your blog and it is going to become a brand in future. So having a unique and catchy domain name is highly important in blogging. Follow the below steps to search a perfect domain name for your blog.

  • Make it short : You have to choose a domain name which has few letters in it. 
  • Keyword Specific : Try to add your industry related keywords in Like if you are going to write about technology you can add Tech in the name.
  • Easy to remember : Your domain name should be easy to remember because it is going to become a brand in future so be little choosy in selecting a domain name for a new blog.

I hope you have figured out the name of your blog to start your most successful blog of 2021. Yes It could be the most successful blog of 2021 if you put in all your efforts to write good content and marketing of your blog. 

You can Also Get Free Domain Name for blog see the next step.

Step-3: Select Fast and Reliable Web hosting Service for New Blog

Web Hosting, This is the place where you are going to store all the files related to your blog to make it 24/7 available for your visitor. Web Hosting is a space on cloud or on a Server on Internet to Host your Blog/ Website/ Online Application. Buying a Highly Secure and reliable Web Hosting will help you to avoid all the speed issues, Hacking Issues and any other technical issues which you really can’t resolve without having technical knowledge. Choosing a Best Hosting company for blog is equally important as choosing a domain name, Writing content for blog , Marketing of blog etc.

 Here are some Fast, Secure and Affordable Web Hosting for new blog / Website 

  • Blue Host : You can Buy hosting for blog for just $2.65/ Month.
  • Hostgator :You can Buy Hosting for blog for just INR. 99/Month.
  • Reseller Club : You can get hosting for blog for just INR 160/month

All Above mentioned Hosting Plans for Blogs are tried and tested and these hosting providers are highly recommended hosting to start a new blog. 

Free Domain Name for Blog: Yes You read it Right You can claim the Free Domain Name for Blog if You buy a Hosting Plan for your blog for 1 Year and More from above hosting providers. 

Step – 4 : Install WordPress and Set Up Your Blog.

After buying hosting for your blog you just need to Install the WordPress you can get one click Installer in all WordPress Hosting Plans given in previous steps.

You can see the Screenshots Given Blow: 

Step – 5 : Choosing a Perfect Theme for Blog

Theme is also equally important as Hosting to Increase the Speed of your blog. Fast Theme for blog means you are ready to rank on the first page of Google because Search engines give priority to those websites which load fast.

 The Theme I use on My blog is Generate Press which Most recommended theme for Blogging. Generate Press is SEO Friendly, Load Fast, Easy to Install and Customize.
Check Generate Press Price.

Step – 5 : Start Writing Articles

Yes This the thing you need to do to boost traffic on your blog. For a blogger traffic means money. If you have huge traffic on your blog then you can find many ways to monetize the blog. 

Things You you need to follow while writing a blog

  • Do Keyword research : Keyword research helps you to get an idea about the number of searches being done, Audience, Competition etc. Which gives a clear roadmap for writing an article for a blog. 
  • Write Long Article : Long article doesn’t mean writing meaning less thing. Writing a Long article means covering all the details about the topic so that people get value out of your article and they will become interested to get more content from you.
  • Write to help People: You need to keep in mind that you are writing the things to make it understandable for everyone. So that they utilize your content in their life. You need to focus on providing solutions to all their problems in your blog articles.

Step – 6 : Promote Your Articles

Like every other business or brand you blog is your business and brand. You need to promote it to make it popular. You need to market it to bring in notice of people. You need to tell people about your blog so that they can consume your content and become your regular reader. 

Here Are some ways to promote your blog

  • Build Email List : You can Build your Email List and Promote your article to your Email list so that they will never miss your content.
  • Promote on Social Media Group: You can have your own community on Facebook/ Telegram or on any other social media platform. There you can share your new content on a regular basis.
  • Run Social Media Ads: Blogging is your business as any other business you need to invest in it. You can run social media ads to build an audience for your blog. It will help you in the long run.
  • Videos : You might be thinking why video. Videos are the most popular way to grab attention. You can create 15-30 Seconds videos and give a shout-out related to your blog or blog post. 

Step – 6 : Monetizing Your Blog

Monetizing the blog means converting your blog into a money making machine. I would Say that initially just focus on creating content (Valuable content) once you start getting enough traffic on your blog you should start monetizing your blog. Once you complete with 25-30 Articles then only think about monetizing your Blog to make money Online. 

There are some popular ways to monetize you blog to make money online

  • Google Adsense : Google Adsense is the most popular as well as oldest method of monetizing a blog to earn money from blog. Once you have a good amount of traffic on your blog and have enough valuable content on blog. You can apply for a google Adsense program to monetize your blog. Once Google approves your Adsense account you can show ads from google on you blog which will help you earn passive income online.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can promote other products within your content. Suppose You are writing about health then you can recommend some healthy diet programs to others and you can link them in your content. When your visitor clicks on that link and buys something you can get commission. The Amazon Affiliate program is the biggest example of affiliate marketing.
  • Guest Post : Once you become a brand you can charge for writing posts for some other brands which is called guest post.
  • Display Ads: Apart from google ads you can approach brands directly to put an ad on your blog and You can Charge to putting a permanent ad on your blog at a particular location for a particular time ( like one month). It’s similar to hanging a hoarding on Metro pillars. 


I think Now you have a clear idea of creating a Profitable Blog in 2021 which can help you earn money online from blogging. Start Your Blog Now and Earn Money Online but keep in mind that it’s a process based career you have to follow the process which will make it profitable. Otherwise there are lacs of blogs which have been created by people but they are not posting creating and posting content on those blogs. Your consistent efforts will help to create a most successful blog of 2021 . Wish You success!!!

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